Our Story


Raghu K
(Money matters, Product Design & Strategy, Marketing, Customer Experience)

Mahesha H.S
(Toutche Technology Platform, Battery engineering, Everything about bike mechanics)

The dream that set out Raghu and Mahesha (Co-founders of Toutche) to start Toutche Electric was born of witnessing daily challenges people face due to the growing vehicle population in most Indian cities and towns.

Let’s face it. Urban living seems to be more of a battle these days, as traffic and pollution encroach upon living spaces and most importantly, our time. The team of two constantly bounced off thoughts on how they can help solve, at least a part of the growing problem.

After months of conversations and scrapped ideas, Raghu and Mahesha decided to build an electric power bike, back in 2014. Their aim, build a product that takes up less road space, is environment-friendly, well suited for certain type of uses and aesthetically pleasing.

The prototype and first few bikes were built in-house at Mysore and the picturesque Karanji lake were their test run home. Visitors rented the bikes, shared feedback and it was back to the drawing board once more for the duo. Multiple iterations later, the Heileo you see today is a product of sleepless nights, multiple tests and unfailing attention to details.

Heileo is truly a product born of love and commitment to design, quality and experience. The Toutche team has now grown to 15+ people, all of who share the dream and believe in what the venture has set out to do. The response to Heileo bikes has been very encouraging so far and the excitement within the team at Toutche is understandably palpable. However, this is just the beginning!

If you like what you see and/or have some feedback to share, then please let us know. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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