Frequently Asked Questions

All Heileo Electric cycle models run on regular pedalling and electric power modes. The Heileo is powered by a 36V 9.8Ah or 36V 12.8 Ah Li-on battery (depending on the battery you choose) and gives you two modes to work with - Pedal Assist and Throttle.

To ride on Pedal Assist mode, turn on the power button on the keypad, set the power assist level to 1 or above and start pedalling. The power boost kicks in as soon as you start pedalling. You can change the power assist levels on the move.

To ride on the throttle mode, turn on the power button on the keypad, set the power assist level to 1 or above and start pedalling. Once the bike is on the move, use the throttle to power ahead without pedalling.

Yes, the Battery is fully removable from the Heileo electric cycle and you can carry it with you. It makes it easier for you to charge it anytime, anywhere.

Yes, the batteries across all Heileo electric bicycles are structurally the same and interchangeable. You can use a battery pack of another Heileo ebike on yours or buy a spare one at any point of time

It takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours for a full charge

You can always check the battery charge level either on the display console on the handlebar or the indicator on the battery
(Note - It is advisable not to let the battery to run out of charge fully. To maximise the battery life, always charge the battery well before running out of charge)

All Heileo models come with a choice of 2 battery ranges - 36V 9.6Ah and 36V 12.8Ah. The Heileo batteries are made of Panasonic NCR18650BD Li-ion cells and built fully indigenously in India

The 9.6Ah battery offers a range of ~60 Kms on pedal assist / 40 Kms on Throttle. Whereas the 12.8Ah battery offers a range of ~80 Kms on pedal assist / 50 Kms on Throttle

Yes, you can buy any number of additional batteries at any point of time

The life of a Li-on battery is measured in charge cycles. The Heileo battery is made of Panasonic cells (globally renowned in the automotive world) and comes with a warranty of 800 charge cycles. However, we have found the actual life in test conditions to be 1500+ charge cycles. You can be rest assured of a life of 4-5 years minimum. Essentially, the battery life depends on how often you charge it.
(Note: The Heileo battery comes with a warranty of 24 months)

The Heileo electric cycle is equipped with a CE & UL certified, 36V 250W BLDC motor. The motor is programmed to deliver a maximum speed of 25 kmph as a measure of rider safety (ARAI certification requirement)

With good care, the motor has a minimum life of 5 years and can go well beyond
(Note: The motor comes with a warranty of 18 months)

You can order a Heileo here on our website, Amazon, Flipkart or Bajaj Mall. Pick the Heileo model of your choice and place the order. In most cases you will have your bike delivered within 8 days

We will deliver your Heileo electric cycle right at your doorstep, in a safe and well-packaged condition

The electric bike comes to you 90% assembled, in a well-packaged carton box. You will need very little assembly to do before your Heileo is ready to ride. You will receive a video link for detailed step-by-step assembly instructions and assembling your Heileo won’t be difficult at all. In fact you will love doing it. If in case you need any assistance we will be on a video call with you to guide you through the process.

Absolutely. If you need any help getting your Heileo ready to ride, we will get it sorted for you. We can either be on video from our Studio or arrange for a technician to help you

We hope you never have to experience that. However, such things can happen and if it does, just get in touch with us and we will arrange for the replacement to be delivered.

We only accept payments by credit, debit cards and netbanking. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash payments. Please make your payment online using your credit, debit or netbanking accounts.

You can pay online on our website with complete peace of mind. When you make the payment on our website, the payment is processed through our fully secured and PCI DSS compliant payment gateway (Payumoney). Your transaction is fully protected and Toutche does not access or keep any of your card, netbanking details.

Yes, we have easy EMI options available. You will find them during the checkout stage, on the payment gateway page. Do browse the options and select the one that suits you.

Toutche has an authorised network of service centres across 50+ cities and towns across India, giving you complete piece of mind. You can visit our Service page to book your service at your doorstep as well.

If you encounter any issue with your Heileo electric cycle, please email us at [email protected] or Whatsapp us at +916364550002 and we will help you out. You could either take your Heileo to the nearest service store or have help at your doorstep. In addition, we will provide you with sufficient information to know your Heileo well enough.